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Color Galaxy

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Color Galaxy is an game where you can draw colors to build your empire in a variety of battle venues. You can paint everything to dominate the arena. You might be able to get new skins that will allow you to personalize and improve your arena.

It is possible to anticipate a race full of colors! Everyone wants to be the best and maximize their territory. To secure a top position, there are certain tactics. You should not leave the safety zone. Someone behind you could cut the line, disqualifying you from the race. Wait for others to arrive by drawing small circles around your territory. If the person approaching you turns to follow you, you can sneak up behind them to grab their hand. Don't go beyond your limit. Instead, take a quick turn. Slowly moving will increase your percentage. For lobby customization, you may win races. You can also buy and use different colors, clothes, stickers, and even matches. We wish you all the best!

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Drag the left mouse button to move the car.



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