Bucket Crusher
Bucket Crusher
Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher

Bucket Crusher is an casual game where you can use a circular saw to cut blocks. Bucket Crusher's goal is for the wall to collapse. It's very easy to play. You may win gold coins by smashing the wall and/or enhancing your crusher. You will find more levels as you progress from the initial level, which has only small brick obstacles. There are more bricks than you can break. It's an excellent way to unwind after a stressful day. Keep an eye on your fuel supply, as it can cause a game to end. It is possible to find gas cans that you can use to fuel your vehicle. Saving gas requires completing stages quickly. Is it possible to remove the entire wall without leaving behind a single brick?


  • Easy-going gameplay and enjoyable game mechanics
  • Dismantle different brickwork mosaics
  • Get money for each block you claim.
  • Improve your equipment for more power.
  • Play for free on PC and mobile!


Drag the left mouse button to control the machine's movement.

How To Play

Just tap and direct your bucket crusher to the wall and start destroying it!