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Bloo Kid

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Bloo Kid, a retro-looking platformer that may help you save your love from the wicked Wizard, is here. All five huge planets can be reached by air, water, or land. There are 12 levels in total. You will need to defeat many bosses in order to find out more about Bloo Kid’s world. You can navigate the game using either the on-screen buttons or the directional keys on the keyboard. You can navigate the game using the left and right arrow keys. Jumping can be done by simply pressing the Up key on your computer. To leave the stepping stones, press the Down key. Double jumping is possible if you push up while you are in the air. You should always use the upstroke technique when swimming. It is a good strategy to jump on your opponents in order to cause harm. The Bloo's inaugural adventure attracted over three million participants from around the world. There's no reason to stop celebrating!


  • 3 levels of difficulty

  • Achievements to get

  • Explore 5 unique worlds.

  • There are many chapters to finish.


You can use the arrow keys to control your character.

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