Blob Opera
Blob Opera
Blob Opera

Blob Opera

Blob Opera, a machine-learning experiment is available for you to play with. This was developed by David Li and Google. It is essential to manage four blob vocalists in order to create operatic choruses with the most stunning harmonies. You can begin by briefly introducing each vocal cord. Once you have mastered their notes and phrases, you can then control them.

To make different vowel sounds, you can drag the mouse in either direction. They are all wordless in that particular tongue. The mouse can be moved up and down to adjust the pitch for the singer you are clicking on, as well as any other vocalists that are harmonizing in an arrangement similar to a true quartet. Switch to Christmas mode to create chords that are more energetic. To make it easier to play later, you can record all your works. Enjoy Blob Opera!

Google games is an alternative to Blob Opera. You can also access several highlighted games from this page, such as Snake GameDino Game and Pacman.


  • Real opera voices were used to create this piece.
  • Create amazing music without any musical experience.
  • Make a video of the findings and share them with your friends.
  • A wide range of vocal approaches and harmonies


Left mouse button.