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BFF Summer Vibes

BFF Summer Vibes1 votes. 5 / 5

BFF Summer Vibes - Let's soak up the rays! After coming up with a brilliant plan together, you're excited to spend the summer with your pals. You just need to look nice. Are you ready to dress up your pals?

This adorable dress-up game will enable you to dress up with your pals. There are three options for characters. These interesting people will be attending your summer party. Pick your outfit and jewelry from the racks. Make sure you do a full make-up application before beginning to put together the outfit. When applying eye shadows, lipsticks, and contact lenses, make sure you choose the correct color scheme. You should wear all of your accessories and purses as well as your dresses, shorts, and crop tops. You may take great images of yourself with various backdrops or with your pals!


LET CLICK to choose clothes, accessories, and more.

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