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Red And Green Christmas

Red And Green Christmas0 votes. NAN / 5

Join these lovable and well-known animals in their quest to save Christmas in the game Red And Green Christmas. The last chapter in the Red and Green series has seen you get the characters into the holiday spirit. As such, you should be there for them. These two adorable figures are well-dressed for the occasion and are ready to tackle any challenges. They are incredibly kind and will gladly assist you. They will encounter obstacles like creatures they need to avoid, lava they need to jump over, and gaps they need to jump over. This is your job, and you will be the one leading them over these obstacles. Keep collecting hearts as you go along the route. Once you reach a portal, take it with you to get to the other side. Relax, take a seat, and enjoy the journey with these adorable travelers.


  • Move to WASD + Arrow Keys
  • Double Jump available
  • Mobile Touch Control
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