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Battle Soccer Arena

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Battle Soccer Arena is a combat-based soccer game that will appeal to soccer enthusiasts. To score a goal, your character must be guided by the player towards the net of the opposing team. To win, you must have a higher score than your opponent.

The field of green combat is where you'll find the stunning recreation of the famous football game. Three nations will be invited to participate in a three-on-three football tournament. You'll be able to vote for your favorite national football team before kickoff. You must be the leader of your team if you want to achieve success. The final goal differential determines the winner. Each match has a 60 second time limit. Please do not waste time. There is no one in the goal.

You can choose to go solo or with a friend on a co-op adventure. You can compete against both AI and human opponents. Online communities have seen Soccer Champ become more popular than the similar football game. Enjoy, but be cautious!


  • An exciting sporting battle game

  • There are many national soccer teams

  • Time is of the essence.

  • There are two kinds of games.

How To Play

  • Space bar to kick
  • Slide arrows ro move
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