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Basketball King

Basketball King1 votes. 4 / 5

Basketball King is a fully free-to-play mobile game. Welcome to the bench. This sports-themed game will easily keep you occupied for hours. As the name suggests, the objective of this enjoyable basketball game is to score points by sinking the ball into the basket before the clock runs out. All of the fun and different colorful character skins for your basketball will be unlocked as you play and gain points. By clicking on the trophy icon, you can also view the target objectives that you may earn for bonuses. Depending on how far into the game you go before succumbing to defeat, you have various objectives. In addition to pushing yourself, you may compete against other players in this sports game by clicking on the leaderboards icon. To be the best in this game, you must first get to the top of the online rankings.


- USE THE MOUSE to aim.

- LEFT CLICK to toss each ball toward the basket.

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