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Happy Wheels is a driving/parkour game with semi-realistic physics, meticulously crafted levels, and gory animations. The game gives players a strong feeling that collisions can cause your racer to be injured. So, if you are looking for a new obstacle course game, don't miss Happy Wheels.

Happy Wheels is known for being a violent graphic game. Besides the original variety, there are countless levels produced by players with public maps. So you can play with the characters made by the developer, try out different characters made by Happy Wheels players all over the world, or even make your own character and level.

Your mission in this game is to control your character through everything from crates and giant voids to deadly assassins and giant fists! The traps are always diverse and difficult, requiring your acumen.

Therefore, this will not be a walk. Hundreds of blades, mines, traps, and wormholes are ready to tear you apart along the way, or at least take a part of your body. Will you be able to complete the levels without losing any limbs?

How to play

You can control the wheel to roll forward and jump. You can use some of the following keys to control your character through obstacles and to the finish line:

  • To move, use the arrow keys: Hold down the arrow keys to accelerate ahead. Use the down arrow keys to brake and hold to drive in reverse. Lean backward using the left arrow key and forward with the right arrow key.
  • To eject, press Z.
  • To control the Camera, use the C button.
  • Space/Shift/Ctrl: Special functions

If you find these controls too difficult, click to Options-Customize Controls.

You may also utilize the Space bar, Shift, and Ctrl buttons to manipulate the distinct character abilities:

  • Wheelchair Guy – Use Shift and Ctrl to spin the jet and Space to fire.
  • Segway Guy – Press Space to leap and Shift and Ctrl to alter the stance
  • Irresponsible Dad or Mother (parent and kid on the bike) — Use Space to brake, Shift and Ctrl to eject specific passengers, and C to convert to kid mode.
  • Effective Shopper (woman with shopping cart) — Space to jump
  • Moped Couple – Use Space to accelerate, Ctrl to stop, Shift to eject the lady, and C to move the camera to her.
  • Lawnmower Man – Jumping space; may also mow over people and things.
  • Explorer Guy (in minecart) — Hold Shift and Ctrl while leaning. Space button for cart attachment to rails
  • Santa Claus – Press Space to float, Shift to relieve wounded elves, and C to turn the camera to the elves.
  • Pogostick Man — hold Shift & Ctrl to adjust stance, Space to charge a greater bounce
  • Helicopter Man – Press Space to release the magnet, then Shift and Ctrl to lift and lower it.


  • Over 60 distinct and difficult levels
  • Picks, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons, and other lethal impediments
  • The gameplay is simple, yet difficult to master.
  • Physics that moves smoothly and realistically
  • Characters with varying advantages
  • Create your own levels by designing and building them.

Tips and tricks

If this is your first time playing Happy Wheels, carefully read the tips we listed here to get the best start:

  • Start moving slowly and be on high alert if this is your first attempt. You will never know when you will hit a bomb or fall into a trap!
  • Jump to avoid obstacles and land safely using the left arrow key to lean back.
  • Paying attention to using the tilt controls properly can help you get out of dangerous situations and get to the end of the level.
  • Look for clues lying along the way, that's what you can do to anticipate traps.
  • Replay the levels over and over to push your place to the top of the leaderboard.

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