Paper MineCraft
Paper MineCraft
Paper MineCraft

Paper MineCraft

Paper Minecraft is an online Boy game and 87.78% of 1185 players like the game. Paper Minecraft is a 2D adventure game like most Minecraft games to explore or create a world. So choose the survival mode or the creative mode, it up to you. It's a very creative game. You can smash blocks to collect materials and meet different animals. They are not necessarily friendly. They can also build obstacles or castles and even the whole world. Enjoy!


How to Play:

  • Use WASD to control.
  • Use mouse to place or dig blocks.
  • Use E to open chest or inventory.
  • Use F to eat items.
  • Use space to drop/split items.
  • Use P to pause.


Tips and Tricks:

  1. When a zombie or wild animal attacks, you will lose health.
  2. Look for chests in the map and they will give you valuable resources.