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Zombie Invasion Game

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The horrifying first-person shooter Zombie Invasion Game requires that the player fight an invasion of zombies. To kill a zombie, tap it. Try to get as many hits as possible. Don't let opportunities pass you by. You will have a lot more trouble if you're too confident and accidentally touch the wrong button. Use the WASD and arrow keys to move. To strike, use either the ninja stars or the left or right shoulder button. The blue zombies are more deadly than the red ones. For a split second, you might feel like you are unstoppable, but then another zombie comes. The undead are a constant theme in classes about WWII politics and history. Tomorrow, it will all be gone. You still have the chance to save the world. Shoot zombies in their heads with your weapon of choice. Have fun!


  • Get through 10 levels of missions.
  • Possibility of unlocking weaponry
  • Photographs of realistic zombies
  • Full-screen mode is supported for this game.


  • You may move your character with the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • Press R to initiate a reload.
  • Simply call 123 to swap out your weapon.
  • To fire, use the left mouse button.
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