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You Hit Me!

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You Hit Me! is a puzzle platformer where you can play as many characters as you like and in some cases, even kill your friends to advance. You will need to use many technologies and in some cases, even make a heroic sacrifice in order to reach the exit. Each skill's details will be modified according to the circumstances. Each class, including the Archer, Warrior and Magician, has its own special skills. The Archer and Magician can attack from a distance, while the Warrior can strike hard to hit his target. To advance, take advantage of each skill. Learn how to combine them. You Hit Me! has a ton of content, including a variety of challenges, hidden levels, and character skins that you can earn by completing certain tasks. This is a great way to test your detective skills.


  • Use the arrow keys to run and jump
  • Use the buttons on the screen to switch roles and weapons
  • You can also press space to switch characters and weapons
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