The Last Miner
The Last Miner
The Last Miner

The Last Miner

The Last Miner features a blocky 3D environment that's infested with zombies. Be prepared to go on a thrilling adventure through a blocky, 3D universe filled with Noobs Hackermans Gods Hackerman Kings Hackerman Hackerman and other unique characters. While you struggle to remain alive in a world overrun with zombies, all you know crumbles. To complete the missions, you must finish all three maps. On each map, you will find ten levels. You will have to deal with many obstacles, such as fighting off the zombies and collecting supplies like ammunition and water. New weapons and upgrades will be unlocked as you advance through the game. You can unlock stylish skins. Bring a packed lunch and goggles. Try your strength in the face of an apocalypse.


  • WASD to move.
  • Space to jump
  • Shift to run fast.
  • To make a bow, press CTRL.
  • Scroll to change weapons.
  • Aim with the mouse.
  • G to launch grenades
  • To reload, press R.
  • F to pick up items