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Soccer Caps League

Soccer Caps League3 votes. 3.67 / 5

The soccer video game Soccer Caps League is very addicting since it requires you to score a goal by manipulating the character you play as. Playing football in the virtual world has gotten a lot less difficult. Why bother drawing figures of sportsmen when you can get away with only drawing their heads, or even simpler, just their caps, like in our Soccer Caps League game? Please accept our invitation to take part in the Football Cap League. You are free to choose any command from the options provided in the table. Your power over the round pieces on the football field will be determined by the color of the flag that is now active. You can't compete against each other, therefore you'll need to choose a partner. In Soccer Caps League, the chip that is highlighted is one that you can choose by clicking on it; then, with the aid of the arrow that appears, you can move it and strike the ball with the intention of scoring a goal with it. It's time to put up a fight and take home the soccer cup!


  • Fascinating soccer game

  • Choose your preferred team.

  • Different national teams


Tap the cap/player and drag to adjust the direction and shooting power.

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