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Snowball War: Space Shooter

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We are glad you chose to play the Snowball War: Space Shooter game. After a long journey around the cosmos, you finally return to your home planet in your spacecraft just in time for the holiday. Snowballs suddenly start flying in all directions. The numbers on the balls will return to zero and they will disappear immediately. New balls will soon follow. The balls are meteors trying to destroy your spaceship and should be made to disappear. To avoid them, you should be flexible and use your weapon to attack. You will find that the number of balls to track will increase as you play the game. This means you need to pay more attention or risk losing your focus and having to start over. You will be given three chances to retake your test. Once all your chances are exhausted, you can quit the game. Play Snowball War: Space Shooter now!


Using mouse.

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