Penalty Champs 21
Penalty Champs 21
Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21

Penalty Champs 21 allows you to play in penalty shootouts in real life. This game will allow you to improve your penalty shooting skills and simulate the excitement of real competition. You can let your inner child play and adjust the speed, slant, force, and direction of your shot to score a goal for the opposing team.

It's not difficult! The incredible goalkeeper for the opposing team will try his best to stop you from claiming the first-place spot. Switch roles, be clear about your thoughts, pay attention to your surroundings and defend your goal. Then, move the ball out of the corner. It will test your reflexes and be very entertaining.


  • There are 16 European nations to pick from.

  • Simple to learn and play

  • To stop the ball, use your reflector.

  • To get the best shot, precisely time your tap/click.


Adjust the position, height, and force of the shot when shooting. Tap on the target in goalkeeping that will appear just before the opponent takes a shot.

How To Play

How To Play Penalty Champs 21