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Off Road Auto Trial

Off Road Auto Trial1 votes. 0.5 / 5

Off Road Auto Trial will take you on an off-road journey. This exciting game allows you to drive a vehicle of your choice through realistic terrain. You'll need to choose a car at the start of the game. He will then wait at the start line until the signal is given to move forward. At first, he will go slowly before going full speed. Be sure to keep an eye on your monitor. Driving across dangerous terrain and dodging obstacles is part of the game. You can even take off from the ski jumps. You can spend your points on car upgrades in Off Road Auto Trial if you finish a race under the target time. Are you able to win every level and complete the game? Start your journey off-road!

How To Play

On a difficult portion of the track, the car can become stuck, roll over, or even fall into the sea, so you must drive cautiously and choose the best route to drive. On the trip, there will be stones, fallen trees, and narrow bridges. Drive carefully through obstacles to avoid losing your car. The objective of the game is to cross the finish line. Another task is to acquire three stars located in challenging areas of the track.

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