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Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up

Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up0 votes. NAN / 5

Neon Cube Escape - story pixel avoid-em-up's objective is to help players escape from a neon cube using various beats and forms. This game is a tale pixel escape-em-up. Geometry Dash's world is identical to Undertale's except that it is much colder. Geometry Dash is very similar in appearance to Undertale. Each of the characters in the show is still alive. They speak to your like you are the first person in the sentence. Avoid-em-up puzzle. By putting them into different categories, you can clearly identify who the experienced players are and who the newbies are. Let's jump in and have fun with this game.


Click left mouse button to play Avoid walls and enemies
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