Murder is an exciting assassination game that was developed by Studio Seufz. Keep some distance between you and the monarch. Then, sneak up behind him and stealthily get rid of him. You cannot afford to lose this chance if your goal is to be a king.

It's a funny murder mystery that will keep your feet on the ground until the very end. It will make you feel like a tyrannical ruler or queen. Do you have the skills to end his reign? Stealthily follow him, then, when the opportunity presents itself, you will plunge your knife into his side. However, in this game, the head wearing the crown must take on a lot of responsibility. If you manage to seize the throne with the necessary intestinal fortitude, you may be pursued by assassins. Do you have the ability to find a solution?


  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to prepare your attack
  • RELEASE THE SPACEBAR if you think the king is about to turn around.


  • Mysterious murder whodunit
  • Play as a crime-solving detective and his dog.
  • Investigate the surroundings and hunt for clues.
  • Make deductions from suspect interviews.
  • Solve the case and catch the perpetrators.