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Minitoss can be described as a fun, entertaining version of the football game where players have to tackle and kick their opponent's base. Don't forget to bring the balloons to the party.

Make sure to wear your shoes. You will lead your team to victory in these newly developed water balloon games. It is sure to be a unique experience. Mini Basketball is the online equivalent of balloon basketball. You get a simple gaming experience, but all the enjoyable aspects of the game are preserved. The fans will be amazed at your ability to shoot beyond the arc as well as the brilliance and talent of your best team. This game can be played while you are on our site.


Choose red or blue, and your puck will be that color, with a random number and a name. Then you must defeat the computer, who is a member of the opposing team. Because the game ends three minutes after it begins, you must score more goals than your opponent. To win in Mini Toss, players must score the most points in the allotted time. Move around the pitch with the WASD keys to make sure you're the top scorer and beat the other team. Have a good time!

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