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Mahjongg Alchemy

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Mahjongg Alchemy uses a matching-tiles pattern and is sometimes referred to as tile alchemy. You can play the game as a tile alchemist, solving all the riddles. Use the appropriate alchemical symbols, dragons, and alchemical symbols to remove the tiles.

This brainteaser requires you to search for and combine tiles that are compatible. Your tiles must not be blocked by any other tiles. You must also ensure that the tiles are free from obstructions on either of their long sides. Combinations are possible to remove tiles and reveal hidden components underneath.

In the design for the heorwer and in the plan for the heorwer, at the beginning of each level, will appear a timer. If you run out of moves, the game will be over. A new batch of tiles can be mixed and distributed after that. You can also complete a level by giving out a new set using the button at the top. The countdown doesn't stop!


Left click to choose a tile.

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