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Intruder Combat Training 2

Intruder Combat Training 23 votes. 4.83 / 5

Intruder Combat Training 2 is the second installment of this famous shooter series. Your mission this time is join the special forces operative to take down the dangerous terrorist groups. Brutal firefights await you!


How To Play

  • Use arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Use up arrow key or W to jump.
  • Hold S to jump down
  • Use space to throw boom.
  • F to pick up weapons.
  • Tap Q to switch weapons.
  • Press C to crouch.
  • Use mouse to aim and shoot.
  • User R to reload the gun.


Tips and Tricks

  1. You can pause/resume/restart or turn the sounds on/off on the game screen.
  2. Shooting at head will cause more damage.
  3. Fires in explosive boxes or fire extinguishers that cause explosions.
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