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Highway Racer 3D

Highway Racer 3D3 votes. 4.17 / 5

Highway Racer 3D allows you to race against other players by weaving between other cars on the roads and increasing your speed.

You have several game modes to choose from: "One," "two,"," three," four," or speed bomb. Both the one-way and two-way modes may have lanes that run in the same direction. The mode that goes only in one direction has only one lane. Time Assault has a 30-second time limit. You can also play speed-bomb mode. In it, you may drive an explosives-laden vehicle. The explosives could explode if you sustain a serious injury or get hit with an object. From the options, you can also choose to select a phase, such as night, day or rainy.

You have one mission: to safely drive around busy highways and avoid other cars as much as possible. Your presence is greatly appreciated! It will not be difficult to maneuver around large numbers of vehicles.


  • Several vehicle brands, including pickup trucks, classic sedans, and modern sports cars
  • There are four single-player game types and three highway tracks.
  • When playing multiplayer games, you may compete against other players online.
  • Improve the looks and performance of your vehicles.


  • Use Left and Right Arrow to move
  • Use Up Arrow to power up
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