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Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing0 votes. NAN / 5

You compete against other players in Drunken Boxing to see who can score the most knockouts. Boxing events are challenging to enter. Put yourself in the ring and imagine yourself fighting.

In this quick beat-em-up, Drunken Boxing blends the two. A hilarious arcade game is being played by two avatars. While both boxers are on the euphoric medication, maintaining equilibrium is difficult. Attack your opponent with a jab or cross. Remove the spider webs from your adversary's mind and then split his skull in two. With real ring announcers giving insight, it will seem like you're watching a major pay-per-view bout. Feel and hear the force of a blow as you battle through five rounds of intense boxing. Combinations of different types may be used to defeat an opponent. You may bash tables and other things while inhaling the sweet scent of triumph. Are you getting sick of playing against a computer? Grab a friend and see who has the greatest force. Have a wonderful time and a few drinks. You'll want more after watching Drunken Boxing. Since you're drunk, it won't be as simple as you would imagine.


  • PLAYER 2: "W,A,S,D"
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