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Drift Boss

Drift Boss4 votes. 3.75 / 5

Drift Boss is an entertaining racing game where you can show off your skills as a drifter. Although the controls are simple, it isn't as easy as it seems. You should aim to travel the maximum distance possible while drifting to earn cash and unlock more vehicles like taxis, police cars and ice cream trucks. To play, press the right button to move left and then release the left button to go right. You won't find yourself driving your car on a twisty road that seems to never end, so you don’t end up in space. What is your limit? You can keep playing for more rewards and better cars. Have fun!


  • Play with ease with to one-button controls.
  • Vehicles with improved handling that can be unlocked
  • Daily progress is rewarded


  • On PC: Press the left mouse button or space bar to drift to the right, release the button to go left
  • On Mobile: Touch the screen to drift to the right, and release the screen to go left.
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