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Bubble Shooter Extreme

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Bubble Shooter Extreme is a WebGL and HTML5 version of the classic Bubble Shooter video game. It has enhanced graphical capabilities. This is the most serious bubble-shooter game ever developed. It offers fast-paced gameplay as well as added components like explosives and other powerups. Use your mouse to fire the bubbles. Bubble Shooter Extreme is both entertaining and simple. It is simple to launch the game straight away and start busting those silly bubbles. When a bomb explodes, all associated bubbles will also burst. By detonating the nuclear bomb, you may eliminate all the bubbles of that certain hue. Certain bubbles may be burst by joining the two colors. To obtain additional points, gather all pills. Can you pop every bubble in this fun bubble shooter before time runs out?


To fire the bubbles, tap the screen or use your mouse. To aim, hold down the mouse button or press the screen. Release or click to guide the bubble where you want it to go.

This is the most complex bubble shooter game you can think of. Score as many points as you can to clear the field!

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