Body Race
Body Race
Body Race

Body Race

Body Race is a 3D video game where you guide a woman through many IOU obstacles, including food and exercise equipment.

Beauty can come in many forms, as long as they are not harmful to one's overall health. This game is perfect for those who are concerned about their physical health. This game encourages a healthy lifestyle. What is the best way to lead a healthy life? It is time to change genders and be a woman. You should choose healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables. Exercise should be done correctly.

Avoid high-calorie foods like hamburgers and drinks. All the previous stages must be completed simultaneously. You may be able to meet your lover and try on beautiful outfits if you are in good physical condition. You can play the game right now!


  • Fitness game
  • Cool graphics and art animation
  • Simple gameplay
  • Multiple levels
  • Earn Coins


Click or tap to control.

How To Play

One-finger-control means you can just tap the screen by finger and move it left to right and back to change your position on the track. The model is running automaticaly. For Desktop you can use your mouse to control.