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A Dance of Fire and Ice

A Dance of Fire and Ice0 votes. NAN / 5

A Dance of Fire and Ice offers a single-button rhythm that is uncompromising. You can navigate the two circling orbs with no difficulty, but they won't be in balance. You will be able to conquer a variety of paths and find a great rhythm. Press the button to move in line.

7th Beat Games has developed A Dance of Fire and Ice, a one-button response game that looks similar to other skill-based games in which timing is crucial. This is only half true. The game is rhythm-based, meaning hearing is more important than seeing. You will face difficult courses in the later stages that will require your full attention. Sometimes, the levels can be very difficult and you may have to start over.

It is a unique rhythm game, and achieving the difficult stages will feel rewarding. This makes the game worth it. Due to the outstanding music, it is necessary to play the game at maximum volume. Learn the mechanics of the game, enjoy the music and complete the task. Can you complete all three worlds in one sitting? 


You must beat the tutorial in the beginning to start the game.

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