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Narrow One

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Narrow One is a multiplayer, first-person archery shooter that allows you to play thrilling capture the flag games alongside other players around the world. You can send out expeditions to enemy territory to find the enemy flag. The flag must be returned to your home base. You must work together with your team to defend your flag and stop the other players from taking it. Each flag successfully captured earns one point. The winning squad is the one that achieves this feat first. There will be five weapons available to you, including three long- and medium-range bows, two long-range crossbows and two short-, as well as two long-range crossbows. Each weapon will have its own aim and fire rate. NarrowOne provides a variety of maps you will need to memorize to gain an advantage on the field. It is often the ability of participants to work together that will determine the outcome of battles. It's fun to play Narrow One.


  • 6 distinct bows with interchangeable skins
  • 30 or more distinct melee weapons
  • 15 original maps
  • About 200 different unlocked outfit pieces
  • Weekly updates
  • Seasonal content
  • Seasonal content
  • Squad Support 
  • Map selection
  • Various weather conditions


  • Move - WASD keys
  • Shoot - Hold and release the left mouse button
  • Mobile controls - Use the touch indicator on your screen
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