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Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck

Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck0 votes. NAN / 5

You can drive on mountain roads, snowy roads, and lunar outposts in difficult road conditions in Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck. Acceleration and braking can be used to overcome obstacles while maintaining vehicle control. You will have to start over if your car flips or crashes. Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck will test your driving skills through over 100 levels. Some of the cars you will drive are quite surprising. Each stage has a goal: to get to the finish line. There will be different strategies to achieve this goal across phases. Drive Mad 5: Pickup Truck's challenging levels demand more than just skill to conquer. There are no shortcuts. You must practice to overcome these difficult games. Drive Mad 9: Overdrive or Drive Mad 4: FarAway are two other games in which you can test your skills. Enjoy a great time.

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