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Slope Run

Slope Run3 votes. 4 / 5

Slope Run is an adventure-game in which you must roll a ball to explore the universe. All obstacles must be avoided. There are no limits to the distance you can travel.

Are you fascinated by the universe? You will find a vast world when you play the game. You will need to roll the ball on platforms far away from you. You'll need to find enough platforms that can be jumped from. You must act quickly, as the ball will continue to travel. As the ball accelerates, the game becomes more difficult. Platforms are becoming scarcer and the gaps are growing. Keep the ball at the center of the platform to prevent it from sliding off.

Are you confident in the team's abilities and agility? This game will prove it. There are two game modes available: standard and limitless. You can choose from one of the two game modes. To move on to the next level, you must achieve your target. Once you have reached a certain level, additional branches will become available. You may be able to enter an endless tube if you're in endless mode. Your current position on the leaderboard may be visible. Is it possible to win the game? All the best!

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