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Drive Mad 10: Get The Milk

Drive Mad 10: Get The Milk0 votes. NAN / 5

Drive Mad 10: Get The Milk, a fluid driving game, offers fluid controls and a new take on the classic step-by-step obstacles and elevator tracks. Acceleration and braking can be used simultaneously to maneuver around obstacles. This will help ensure the stability of your vehicle. If your vehicle is involved in an accident or rolls over, you will need to go through the entire driving process again. Drive Mad's 100 challenges will put your driving skills to the test. You'll be behind the wheel of a variety of vehicles, some of them surprising. The final goal of each leg is the same. But the strategies and objectives used at each stage will differ. Is it really possible to beat Drive Mad 10: Get The Milk? Take on the toughest levels in Drive Mad 2: Winter and Drive Mad 4: FarAway with our help.

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